5 Designer Tips on How to Make Your Roof Look More Stylish

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When it comes to home design, the roof is not an exclusion. A well-designed roof helps bring out a harmonious interaction of the decor elements with the rest of the house. Decorative elements complement the three-dimensional structure of the house and are used to give a stylistic and compositional completeness to the entire house.

A Guide on Designing a Perfect Roof

  1. Find the best roofer.

First of all, find the best person to install a roof for you. The quality of work is the key. It will be much easier to decorate your roof and add different elements and details.

  1. Forget about black and white.

White facades have long been out of fashion. They are replaced by more interesting color solutions. The trend of colorful facades has led to the need to install a colorful roof, as well. The roof should be in harmony with the shade of the walls and fit into the surrounding environment. That’s why, before purchasing paints and roofing materials, try visualizing the color concept that you like. You can do it in an architectural bureau or a design studio.

  1. Choose decorating elements.

It’s easy to find a roofing company which can install roof ridge art elements. You can select decorative tops, fences and tiles in order to emphasize the individuality of your house. Even the house number or a family coat of arms can be made in the form of a roofing element.

  1. Install a figure on the top of the roof.

You can often see a cock or an eagle figure on the top of the roof skates. Some people believe that an eagle maintains stability in their family. A figurine of an owl on the roof brings wisdom and experiences to the house. Choose the one you like and go for it.

  1. Consider building a spire.

In ancient times, the spire was used to increase the height of the building and make it more visible. In modern architecture, such architectural elements are used in the construction of country houses to make them look like ancient castles. This decorative element gives a complete finish to the style and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building.

The Most Popular Roof Styles

  1. Classic style.

Classics are always in fashion. Such architecture is straightforward and requires accurate color balance. Beige and white spectrum colors of the facade are in priority while the roof is usually a couple of tones darker.

  1. Roman style.

Houses of this type are most often built in colors that imitate the shades of natural materials. Brown and gray colors are the most popular. The roof is often dark gray, in some cases it imitates metal. Some decorative details can be highlighted with a darker color than the main color. Find a roofing service that can use picturesque paintings or mosaic to give the house the look of an old castle.

  1. Gothic style.

Gothic style also does not offer an abundance of colors, but it pleases the eye with some unusual forms of roofs. The colors of facades in this style are neutral. The priority color is gray and the metallic effect is welcomes. This style uses contrasts: a dark roof with all kinds of turrets may look good over the snow-white facade.

  1. Modern style.

Modern style houses are pleasing to everyone because it offers both the unusual geometry of architectural forms, and the variety of color solutions for exterior decoration. Here you can experiment as much as you want. When choosing a shade for the decoration of the walls and roof, try to combine the incongruous and be sure that in this case it will work.

  1. Scandinavian style.

Log buildings and the natural colors of the wood spectrum characterize the northern countries. The roofs of Scandinavian houses are a logical continuation of the walls in the color scheme. A rich brown color is used quite often. This is not only aesthetic, but practical. Dark roofs accumulate the sunlight and make the houses warmer.

As you can see, there are many options of making your roof look a little bit more special and stylish. The most important tip is finding the style you love and implementing it in the building of your house.