About Us

Home decoration is everything for our magazine. Our team is packed with people who love arts, beautiful things and know how to turn your apartment into something wonderful. We publish a lot of ideas, designing decisions and share opinions that will be helpful for anyone who is interested in design, beauty or is planning redecoration.

Types of Content You Can Find Here

People generally love different types of decoration. Some prefer only eco materials and raw looks, others like refined and fashionable designs. While some people love minimalism and don’t want to make their place look packed with things, others crave that adorable country look with plenty of smaller details. This is why we have different types of decoration here, so you can find something you truly like.

  • Ideas for various places.
    No matter what you want to do with your apartment, if you want to turn it into a Mediterranean-looking place or make it sophisticated and modern, we have fresh ideas for you.
  • Tips on doing remodeling.
    If you want to work on your house yourself, we can provide you with general tips, information on designing styles and other useful ideas.
  • DIY ideas for redecoration.
    If you want to decorate your house yourself, we think it’s a good idea. Many people are going with DIY decisions now, as it’s more interesting and fun. So we actually have a huge DIY section here.
  • Advice on materials and details.
    If you don’t know how to place your lights or how you can arrange windows so you actually get the most out of daylight, we can help you there. If you don’t know which brand of paint you should try, we can advise you something depending on your goals and budget.

We also want you to explore your preferences and encourage you to try something new. Sometimes you find perfection in those things you never expected to like in the first place. Our magazine has all the information that you need, or we can find it for you. Together we can make your place look fantastic.